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Entry 1: Welcome to my Blog!


This blog is for talking about things I know and a little bit about myself! Currently just coding more to this site so I can like it more. I already love it but there is never enough. The blog entries go from Newest(top) to Oldest(bottom)!!

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Entry 8: Haiii


Happy new year! I need to fix everything that broke on here lol. I've been not doing that because I just didnt feel like coding tbh. My sons (rabbit) birthday was this month! he is 4 years old now ^_^. Also I'm going to be going to college soon which is fun. This year will be one of the last years I visit my family in Colombia for a while just because I'll be focusing on school after it. Maybe I can make this site look super cool again soon.

I've gotten into a few new things lately! I watched all of Metalocalypse in like 5 days and I loved it (this was like February) and I started watching House M.D. like four days ago. They are fun to watch I like them :]. I'm also listening to the radio more often just cause the radio is fun. And I long for more CDs. Soon I will have so many.

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Entry 7: Update!


Hi hi!!! I'm back!! I didn't forget about this site I just havent known what to do with it for a while. Thought I would give a short update. First of all, I'm still in school but I graduate this school year so thats awesome! I've mostly been trying to take it easy cause I only need to do two of my classes (required for graduation, my last credits) and the rest are electives. I've been drawing a lot but still don't feel like putting it up on the art page yet. I will soon but after hearing about discord not being able to host links anymore I'm hesitating to add more of my art because I use discord for the links. >_<\.

It's October also!! I'm excited for halloween and have been watching horror movies! I saw Saw X in theatres and it was amazing!!!!!! I hate Hoffman so much ^_^. I'm going to be Harry Warden/Axel Palmer from My Bloody Valentine 1981 for a halloween party!!! I've been playing a lot of DBD about it too, also watching my friend stream it. I think everyone should watch some random horror movies this month btw, it's fun.

I also have been playing guitar more lately, I can play more songs but I'm not good at lead yet though. I would love to play lead guitar but for now I am fine with just doing rhythm guitar!! One of my electives is guitar cause I'm not allowed to have a free period so I can learn more. I'm going to be thinking about music a lot lately so if I make another entry it'll probably be about music. That's all for now, bye!

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Entry 6: Hello!!


I know it's been a while, I've been somewhat busy lately. School and stuff ya know. I'm thinking of customizing this site more or making a new one to feel more like me. Not any time soon though. My last year in high school just started and I get to see my friends again!!

I made more art but I haven't posted it to the art page yet and I won't for a while. There's nothing wrong with the art I just don't feel like posting it up there yet! I've drawn more things for friends, more furry art for mee, and dnd oc stuff. Also Guilty Gear! I've been really getting into Guilty Gear in the past month!!

That's it for my small update!! See you soon!

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Entry 5: Birthday!


It's my birthday today! I am back in my house from a trip to see family and now I'm 17!! Going to do things with my friends later in the day and thats about it! Updates will be a bit slow because I have more things to do know that I'm home (like play Guitar and take photos of my rabbit)!!! That's all for this entry, just a little update, baiiiii X3

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Entry 4: Bands, Music, Alt stuff


I like never talk about this outsied of my friend groups, but I love playing instruments. When I was younger I loved hearing songs by bands like Linkin Park, SOAD and Evanescence. My family played a lot of Alternative music (usually Punk and Goth music but sometimes Emo) so since I was a little kid I've wanted to be in an Alt band. Now that Im older by like, over a decade (Im still young tho Im just a teen) I have more bands I listen to that inspire me to start a band. Technically I do have a band, but we can't really practice together or anything. I Might make a whole different band, one that might actually work out. Nowadays Im listening to more alt music. I had a phase where I listened to like, Lemon Demon, Oingo Boingo, Will Wood (and the tapeworms), but that ended as soon as I found out MCR was back lol (I do like those bands tho). Now my favorite bands are Weezer, Pierce The Veil, Get Scared, Finch, and Linkin Park! I'd love to cover their songs for fun with a real band in the future. I know how to play some of their songs on my electric guitar (named Bernadette, after the IAMX song)!

Now about alt stuff. I think about it like all the time cause I've been alt since I was a little kid. I never looked alt because I couldn't get the clothes, but thats fine because being alt isnt about the clothes! Especially with the subcultures I'm a part of. I've made a few tumblr posts about Punk specifically[1][2]!! It's a very sad to see Alt Subcultures getting turned into aesthetics or getting gentrified by posers (I want posers to just not water us down, I will throw cement blocks at them if they don't stop). I also hope that corporations stop trying to sell "punk" things because they are part of the problem, more than the people who fall for their tricks. Don't buy "punk" things unless its like, custom made or by a small business okay? Also support your peers and don't talk over People of Colour ESPECIALLY BLACK PEOPLE. Talk over them and you will never survive. (Not) Sorry for all the threats, I like typing them. Steal from corporations, Piracy is always the answer, be careful with the symbols/patches/pins you wear so you don't get jumped. Mwah Mwah, if you read all this I love you (well not really but thank you ^_^) !!

Entry 3: ASCII ART


First, thx for 2 followers! Waving to y'all :3 !! Anyways do people still post their ASCII art? I have some that I made during the school year I feel like sharing. I made them on Google Docs with the Courier New Font, size 10.5! Here they are :3

kittyouppywolf howlingbatHOMESTAR RUNNERSlenderman

I should create more ASCII art soon. A tip! You really gotta fuck around and find out, also not all ASCII art is made the same!! ENJOY!!!!

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Entry 2: Thoughts on Coding


When I was younger I didnt think coding a website would be as fun as it is! I also thought it'd be insanely hard but I was wrong ^_^ !! It's also not as boring as I thought it'd be, just kinda annoying. With background noise (usually music or a video) it's less boring. Making this site also made it easier for me to remember html, unlike the other sites I have coded on (myspace93, spacehey, tumblr). I'm not good enough to post tutorials on coding but I can probably help someone with a little. Well bai bai!!


Main Site/Home Page!

Art Page!!

What I listen to when I'm coding this


House of Leaves PDF too

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