This page is just a place for me to talk about things I like in horror! Horror is an interest of mine I've cared about for like all my life and I think about it all the time ^_^. Im not super crazy about horror so Im not gonna talk about obscure things like 3 people have heard of cause chances are I dont know of them either :P.


I love the silent hill osts, like a lot. My favorite is probably SH2 because of how pretty I think it is. I love the songs with vocals a lot too though! I haven't listened to the first games soundtrack more than once, the only songs from it I could name are Not Tomorrow 1 and 2. I love the albums cover and I think it would be awesome to own a CD of it but resells are over $100 so Im not going to get one anytime soon.


The Silent Hill 2 soundtrack is sooo good augh. Ignoring that SH2 is my favorite SH game (because its the first one I played and I like thinking about Mary and Maria), it probably is one of the best video game osts o_O. Its haunting and beautiful and I really like the songs. I love how the songs for each ending are different from each other and I love how they make the endings better. Also how the music makes the cutscenes more fun to watch. CDs I see online for this album are pretty pricy, like $40+ so I'm not getting this one anytime soon either BUT Id totally get it sooner than the first games OST.


SH3 and 4's OSTs are both super good so Im pairing them together. I love the vocals in them, sometimes people make playlists named stuff like "If Silent Hill was a 2000s Rock Album" or something. Also "One More Soul to the Call" from Silent Hill Homecoming get included in this too. The songs with vocals are so good they could totally pass as something not from a video game. Tender Sugar, One More Soul to the Call, and Youre Not Here are probably my faves that arent from SH2. I'm a big fan of Danny Simard's cover of One More Soul to the Call because the og isnt on spotify.

SH3 OSTSH4 OSTSH: Homecoming OST

One of those videos I was talking about!!