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I'm Rex or Monty or Geem. You can also call me/us Wack Lemons/ Lemon


She/He/It // Plural // Minor


Tumblr Spacehey Rentry Discord: wacklemon Blog!! (Check for updates!)

I made this website just for fun and to improve my coding skills!! Blinkie above by internetfriend on Tumblr!!

Until I add more, have blinkies (just graphics lol)!!

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My Son (David)

Here are a bunch of images one image of him (the rest broke)! He's a rabbit I got from one of my old schools. I probably wouldve been suspended cause they thought I brought him but a friend from agriculture simply gave me him. He's named after David Bowie and he is 4 years old!


>Last Updated 29/03/2024


>New Blog Entry!!

>Fixed Art Blog

>removed (most) son images :[


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